22 April 2010

The Apricale Dog

We are in Apricale, a medieval hill village in Italy - about 28 kilometres from Menton. This dog is walking down the village pretty quickly and I wasn't fast enough - he's slightly blurry in the main photo but you get the feel of him, I think. A hunting dog, nose down, intent on where he's going.

In the small pic you see me attempting to take his photo - this was taken by the delightful Nathalie from Avignon who was visiting for the weekend.


glenda said...

You caught him in stride. Looks like he knows where he's going.

Catherine said...

You were chasing the hunting dog, Jilly ? And Nathalie was at an other corner, taking pictures furtively.....I turisti !!!

lady jicky said...

Hey ---- the nose knows Jilly!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I have been coming to Apricale for 8 years and I know this dog. Last summer it actually pissed on my jacket which hasn't been the same after. But - he's a nice dog and a good friend. Hope to see him again this summer.


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