25 April 2010

Monaco Dog Show - 'Napszem'

Meet Napszem, a Hungarian Puli youngster of 13 months. He lives in Mougins and was entered at the Monaco Dog Show.

The dog in the smaller photo is an adult version of the same breed, where the coat has been formed into cords, although I'd have thought the cords we see on the rear are perhaps a little too thick. The important thing tho is that the cords are even in size and shape.

The cords will start soon on this puppy and during that time the owner has the most work in guiding their formation.


USelaine said...

Cute! If I'm not mistaken, Napszem translates to Daisy (nap = day or sun, szem = eye). But Google Translate tells me that, put together, it means "day labor". I think my interpretation is better.

Sara Diana said...

what wild hair! not sure about the cording though :0/

lady jicky said...

I can look like that on a bad hair day! LOL

glenda said...

Very interesting breed. Looks like a lot of maintance. Or not!

Merry Dogs said...

What a lovely blog! I am so pleased to have found it. And you have featured two beautiful Flatcoats!

I look forward to reading your posts in future, and dreaming I am in beautiful Menton again.

Thank you!

geghre said...

Napszem veut dire les yeux du soleil.C 'est une plante l'heliantis .Tous les chiens de l'élevage ont des noms de plantes(j'ai une femelle du meme élevage qui s'appelle Makszem c'esr à dire graine de pavot).Ce sont des chiens écolos!!

Jilly said...

Ah merci, geghr, pour l'information. C'est tres interessant. Les noms de plantes sont souvent les tres beaux noms.


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