30 November 2010

All the luck...

Some dogs have all the luck, don't they? This little Jack Russell loves his walks - with all the good smells - around Port Hercule in Monaco.

26 November 2010


This adorable Maltese Terrier (bichon maltais in French) was sitting on a bench overlooking Larvotto beach. She's called Ritzy. A good name for a Monte Carlo dog, don't you think. Such a little character and only 3 months old.

23 November 2010

Two Spots

The other day we met Beamish, the Bernese Mountain Dog.  Today, we meet Two Spots, a 7-year old Australian Blue Heeler.

I met Beamish and Two Spots near to Menton's market with their owners - a charming Canadian couple who had flown over from Canada to stay in their Menton apartment and have their baby in the hospital in Monaco.  Following our meeting I looked after Beamish and Two Spots for a few days during which time the baby - a beautiful little girl - was born in Monaco.

So now Beamish and Two Spots have a new baby sister!

18 November 2010


Have you ever met a Bernese Mountain Dog that isn't totally adorable?  They have the most divine temperaments.  I met 7 year old Beamish in Menton one day - out with his Canadian owners and his friend, Two Spots. We'll meet Two Spots in the next post -  and then I'll tell you their story...

15 November 2010


This cute little 3 year old Jack Russell lives in Menton and was watching the display put on by the Newfoundlands last month.

11 November 2010


Dogs are so patient, aren't they? They just want to be with us - doesn't matter if we are texting, reading, watching the television, ignoring them - so long as they are with us, they are happy.

This lovely Sheltie waits quite happily with her owner near the beach at Cap Martin.

06 November 2010


This little Min. Pin is called Portugais because he comes from Portugal and lives with a Portuguese family in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

02 November 2010


Stormy is the name of this lovely Saluki puppy - she is ten months - and it's also what we've been going thru in the south of France. We've had non-stop heavy rain for nearly three days - never seen anything like it.

Stormy was born in Saudi Arabia and lives in Monaco and I suppose because her breed is used to a desert, she doesn't 'do' rain and refused to go out in it! So there was much mopping up of puddles.

She is gorgeous tho and a delightful dog. I took these photos when she first arrived but by the time she left - yesterday - she'd put on quite a bit of weight. Probably the proximity of other dogs got her eating properly. She doesn't have feathering on her ears but her owner explained that not all Salukis have this.


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