02 November 2010


Stormy is the name of this lovely Saluki puppy - she is ten months - and it's also what we've been going thru in the south of France. We've had non-stop heavy rain for nearly three days - never seen anything like it.

Stormy was born in Saudi Arabia and lives in Monaco and I suppose because her breed is used to a desert, she doesn't 'do' rain and refused to go out in it! So there was much mopping up of puddles.

She is gorgeous tho and a delightful dog. I took these photos when she first arrived but by the time she left - yesterday - she'd put on quite a bit of weight. Probably the proximity of other dogs got her eating properly. She doesn't have feathering on her ears but her owner explained that not all Salukis have this.


Sara said...

Oh, that face! So cute! The last photo is so darling of her!

glenda said...

What a great looking dog. You can tell by her face she's a sweety.

Christina, Sweden said...

looks like a great personality. Would never have guessed on saluki as I never seen any without long hair on ears and tail. We learn everyday ... ;-)

joanna said...

Gorgeous dog, she was happy with you and the other companions, plenty of food, love, companionship, and understanding, i.e. with the puddles...she will have a lot to tell her owners about her adventures.


Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous. What a great looking Dogs. Nice images..


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