30 June 2010

Holly the Harlequin

This adorable little poodle is what I think is called a Harlequin. We met walking around the port of Monaco. Too cute, eh? She lives in Valbonne, just along the coast and is 12 months old.

24 June 2010

Skye High

Back to the Monaco Dog show today - even tho it took place in April! This Skye Terrier looks pretty proud he got an Excellent in his class. Isn't he beautiful!

19 June 2010


Will someone please take me shopping like this? It can't be bad, can it? Carried around is a comfortable bag, put down from time to time, loved and fed and walked. This little dog - a long-haired chihuahua called Keno - has got life pretty much worked out. And so has his charming owner. They obviously adore each other.

15 June 2010


Jago is having the best time watching the model boats whizzing past him. Click HERE to see what he's looking at in the small photo - it's fun!

Jago was in Menton but lives in Italy.

12 June 2010

'Here's looking at you, kid'

This little shih-tzu lives with Riva, the bling-bling Labrador we saw on Avenue Princesse Grace in Monaco the other day. Look at his expression...would you say he's looking down his nose at me? His name - Berlioz.

10 June 2010

Monte Carlo Bling

If you think it's just little poodles and chihuahuas who wear jewelled collars, think again. This is Monaco after all. Meet Riva, the Labrador who was walking sedately along Avenue Princesse Grace one morning. Next time, we'll meet Riva's buddy, Berlioz.

08 June 2010


We've gone back to the Monaco Dog Show today, even tho it took place in April!

This is Iroquio, who at the time was only 4 months old. He's a Belgian Shepherd Dog - Tervuren - and comes from Belgium - meaning he lives in Belgium and of course the breed originated in Belgium. His name, by the way, is Indian but I don't know what it means. I do know he is cute!

04 June 2010


This old dog lives in the Old Town of Ventimiglia. Bare patches on his skin, perhaps he has leishmaniosis or perhaps he's just old - which he is - he's 13.

To see the whole street where he lives - and it's a wonderful Old Town - do click on Menton Daily Photo today.

01 June 2010

No High Heels

This yacht was in Menton for the recent Festival of Offshore Racing boats.

See the sign? Do you think this little Yorkie is wishing she'd been allowed to bring her high heels on board?


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