24 June 2010

Skye High

Back to the Monaco Dog show today - even tho it took place in April! This Skye Terrier looks pretty proud he got an Excellent in his class. Isn't he beautiful!


Ronda Laveen said...

That Terrier really appears to a most excellent dog. Kind of sassy looking.

lady jicky said...

That is one fab Skye. They are rare here and need alot of grooming plus, they are not a "sweet lap dog" - Skye's are a one man dog but if you like that sort of dog - and I do - had a cairn like this - they are wonderful!

glenda said...

He is a great looking dog. I always wonder how well they can see under all that hair.

Owen said...

Yes, but how can he see ???

Where are his eyes ???



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