29 February 2016

Puppy fix

Monday morning puppy fix!

28 February 2016

27 February 2016

Thigh Bone

This is one happy German Shepherd who walks around Menton with a thigh bone in his mouth!  Here he is in Place aux Herbes.

26 February 2016

Faithfully Yours

This faithful dog wouldn't take his eyes off the entrance to the supermarket as he waited for his owner to appear.

25 February 2016


Sometimes I look through old photos - don't we all!  Here's Mia, a Bassett Ariégeois   - I adopted her from a refuge years ago and she died last year.  She was a lovely dog although always scared of the world because of her past. Loved other dogs though - and me!

24 February 2016

Min Pin waiting

A little Miniature Pinscher tied up outside the bakery.  Don't worry, his owner wasn't away for long.

23 February 2016

After the party

The parade is over, confetti and streamers litter the ground - and just a touch of sun remains on this lovely Brittany Spaniel on his way home from the Lemon Festival in Menton. 

22 February 2016

Feet ...

Feet, feet, feet ... thousands of feet, human and canine, walking to the Lemon Festival (Fete du Citron) parade in Menton.   These two French bulldogs look as if they don't want to miss it...

21 February 2016


This dog is a real character.  Meet Gucci - a Welsh terrier who lives in Gorbio, a hill village near to Menton.

20 February 2016

Hémy and Rosie

This is a photo I took about three years ago.   Hémy, a Havanese is on the left and Rosie, a Llasa Apso, is on the right.They live in Monaco. At the time I was looking after them for their owners and they had the best time playing with each other.

19 February 2016

Gypsy and Halie

Look at the cuties I met in Gorbio village yesterday.   On the left, Gypsy, a Papillon mix and on the right Halie, a Miniature Pinscher.  They are currently in Menton for the Fete du Citron and come from the Cantal region of France - where the cheese comes from!

17 February 2016

Dachshunds Rule!

Dachshunds rule! Especially dachshund puppies!

16 February 2016

Blue Plastic

Don't you just love the home-made dog walker?

15 February 2016


This is Barilla - she's a terrier mix and is sometimes cared for by my friend Sylvie in Menton, when her owner goes away.  Note: her partially blue eye. You see this sometimes in dogs - even with half a brown eye and the other half blue.

She's named after the Italian brand of pasta!

14 February 2016

Emmanuelle and Joe

So proud that this photo was awarded 2nd place in the '7th Regard Photographique 'Concours Photo de La Rue - Club Photo St. Laurent du Var. Thank you to the judges and congratulations to my friend, Philippe Chiodi, who was awarded first prize.

Congratulations to the Club Photo St. Laurent du Var for the superb exhibition at the Hotel de la Ville, St. Laurent du Var - and for the warm welcome extended to us.

And thank you to Emmanuelle Deleuse and her dog Joe, without whom the photo wouldn't exist. Big hug, dear beautiful Emma. Woof woof to Joe. x

13 February 2016

Scaredy cat

'No chihuahuas were hurt in the making of this photo!' 

Ears back,  this little cutie is a bit scared.  But come back tomorrow and see her in a totally different frame of mind.

12 February 2016


'Please stop texting... I'm trying to talk to you!'

11 February 2016


This is Charlie, a Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon - also known as a Monkey dog.   Charlie lives in Monaco and is a totally adorable character.

10 February 2016

Japanese Chin

Here's a breed you don't often see - a Japanese Chin.  It's a type of toy spaniel and was well-known to the Japanese nobility. It's also known for have a 'strabismus' of the eye. And no, I didn't know what that meant either! Apparently it means it has a squint! I met this little cutie in Menton.

09 February 2016

Armful of Dogs

An armful of dogs!  On the left a chihuahua and on the right a Tibetan spaniel, a breed you don't often see around here.  I bumped into them in Menton yesterday and had to take a quick photo.

07 February 2016

Blow Dry

This old shih-tzu has just been bathed and is in the drying cabinet at a friend's grooming salon in Menton.  Behind the glass, the warm air blows her hair dry.

06 February 2016

Billie and ball

Billie, the Shih-tzu.  She was named after Billie-Jean King, the tennis player so no wonder she is guarding her ball!

05 February 2016

Ted, the market dog

Ted is a market dog.  His owner sells eggs on a stall outside Menton's municipal market. He's a two-year old French bulldog wrapped up against the early morning chill.

04 February 2016


Beautiful Hector, a Weimaraner on a visit to Gorbio last year.  Hector lives in Marseille with his two Daddies, good friends of mine.

03 February 2016

Begging Bouchette

This is Bouchette, the Bassett Hound who belongs to the Restaurant Beausejour in Gorbio.  In fact, she's sitting on the terrace of the bar opposite, Les Terrasses, hoping for a morsel from the table and not getting it ...!

02 February 2016

Can I? Can I?

This is one little dog who adores his owner and just wants to please.  We've met Mr. Mojo before and I know we'll meet him again. Mr. Mojo lives in Monte Carlo with his owner, my friend Nicky.

01 February 2016


Meet Basil, an exceedingly handsome Llasa Apso.  Note the smart animal print container (attached to his lead) and used to hold his 'poop' bags.  I met Basil in Gorbio village yesterday.


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