31 March 2011


Look who I met amongst the sunglasses in the pharmacy. Don't you just love Airedales that are fluffy like this...

Meet Croquette who is 4 years old and lives in Menton. She was born on the 07/07/07 which I'd think is very lucky, wouldn't you?

26 March 2011

Pocket in a Bag

We all get older and here's a Yorkie sitting comfortably in his very own carrying bag. Meet Pocket who is 12 years of age and was in Menton on holiday from his home in the Tarn.

20 March 2011


Meet Fanny who is 15 months old and lives in Menton. See how tenderly how owner strokes her.

No need to mention that it was a windy day when I took these photos. Isn't she adorable!

16 March 2011


Walking home from the Fete du Citron I saw this lovely dog asleep under a table. He posed with his special training lead but later his owner removed it for photo but then he wouldn't keep still. A lovely dog and active like many Brittany Spaniels.

Rouky is 2 years old and was on holiday in Menton from his home in Belgium.

09 March 2011

Pepsi the Ratter

Pepsi has been fixed to a post alongside her owner whilst the family watch the Corso (parade) at the Fete du Citron in Menton.

She's ten years old - her owner told me she's a good ratter. She lives in the Luberon, a beautiful part of Provence.

Emmie at the Corso

Two year old Emmie was having a lovely time at the Fete du Citron parade on Sunday. Lovely alert Yorkie and proud owner.

They come from a village in Normandy called Sainte Mere Eglise. The village was made famous by the paratrooper John Steel and by the film "The Longest Day". John Steel managed to land on the church and his chute caught on the steeple. He hung there for two hours while the fighting continued on the ground before being cut down by the Germans, taken prisoner and later released by the Americans.

06 March 2011

Foxy Roxy

Roxy is only eleven months old but already knows how beautiful she is. In the main photo she looks as if she's hatching a plot to steal all the dog biscuits - but of course she wasn't. She was quite shy with the big dogs until she got used to them but later shared a bed with a Labrador.

Roxy lives in Monaco.

02 March 2011


Look at this adorable confident little Pomeranian. He's called Niky and he's 4 years old and lives in Monte Carlo. I met him walking along by the yachts in Port Hercule.


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