16 March 2011


Walking home from the Fete du Citron I saw this lovely dog asleep under a table. He posed with his special training lead but later his owner removed it for photo but then he wouldn't keep still. A lovely dog and active like many Brittany Spaniels.

Rouky is 2 years old and was on holiday in Menton from his home in Belgium.


Patricia said...

Thank you for taking and posting these photographs of a Brittany Spaniel. We just lost our dear Brittany after 15 years of joy. She was a beauty to the end.

Jilly said...

Patricia, really so sorry to hear this. A good friend also lost her dog recently in America. She was 16 - both dogs really good ages but I know that doesn't help. Hope you find it in your heart to give a home to another. the love goes on...

lady jicky said...

I too hope Patricia gets another dog when the time is right.

Very handsome!!


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