28 April 2009


Oscar was sitting on a bench by the sea in Menton, his owners alongside. He's 14 years old and does really well for an old man. A lovely wire-haired dachshund who lives - forgot to write it down - but I think in Germany.

Don't you love the smaller photo - eyes squeezed tight - either against the sun or the photographer!

23 April 2009

Emma, the Show Dog

Emma looks so fierce, doesn't she? In fact, she's a total softie. She's big - I thought 'she' was a 'he' until his owner told me 'he' was called Emma. She's only 14 months old so isn't really much more than one big gorgeous puppy.

Emma, a beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux (one of the oldest French breeds) was in Menton having been exhibited that day at the San Remo show, just along the coast, in Italy. She lives near to Draguignan in the Var. See how she matches her owner's shoes!

19 April 2009

Tequila, the Guitarist's dog

This is Tequila who sleeps on the guitar case. She lives in a van with her owner, Virginie. You see Virginie often in Menton playing her guitar and tapping those feet with bells on.

Tequila has recently been sterilized as Virginie has another dog, a Jack Russell - and guess what, Tequila had five pups. Virginie doesn't want to castrate the Jack Russell as he guards her and her van.

You can see more photos of Virginie and Tequila on Menton Daily Photo today.

17 April 2009

The Dog with No Name

This lovely dog was walking down Rue Longue, which was once the original Roman road, Via Aurelia, in Menton.

The lady stopped and allowed me to take her dog's photograph - the dog was a little nervous of me, as you can see. I don't know her name as the lady was rather suspicious of me and didn't want to give it. I think she thought anyone who photographs dogs must be crazy...

13 April 2009


Sporting the French colours, I thought this little dog was a Yorkshire terrier, but he is a Llasa-Apso in a different trim. If you look at his curly tail, you can see he is an Apso.

Moussi is 13 years old and was in Menton with his owners - he normally lives south of Paris, and naturally, being a Parisien, or nearly, he is very smartly dressed! A gorgeous little dog and bright as a button.

11 April 2009

Pepsi who knows how to Pose

Pepsi is a 9 year old Coton de Tulear (a lovely breed from Madagascar). He was on holiday in Menton with his owners and lives in Lille.

As soon as I asked his owner if I got photograph him, he told him to sit like this and he did!

08 April 2009

Andy, Clara & Cannelle

These three lovely Cairn terriers were walking near to the Port of Monaco. In case you wonder why you are looking at the back of me, it's because I was with my friend, Nathalie, Avignon in Photos, and she took the shot. I love that the dogs' owners are looking so happy.

Andy is the grey Cairn and he is 4 years old. Clara in the middle is 18 months old and so is her half-sister Cannelle. Andy and Clara live in the Gard and Canelle lives in Grasse and all three come from the same breeder at St. Jean-du-Gard. Cairn Terriers are lovely dogs - adorable.

06 April 2009

Ever - the Vocal Dog

This lovely dog is a cross between a Berger Suisse and a Golden Retriever. He's 12 years old and was rescued from a refuge. He lives in Menton.

He really didn't want to keep still for a photograph and, as you see, told the world about it! His owner was so patient with this sweet boy.

02 April 2009


Alain jumped about like a kitten and was too scared to look at the camera, but then he's very much a baby. He's only three months old and is a cross between a Spitz and a Chihuahua. He lives in the Old Town of Menton.


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