02 April 2009


Alain jumped about like a kitten and was too scared to look at the camera, but then he's very much a baby. He's only three months old and is a cross between a Spitz and a Chihuahua. He lives in the Old Town of Menton.


Anonymous said...

He looks like a small kid experimenting with everything in life. Nice photograph.

Lessie said...

What a cutie! Puppies are wonderful.

glenda said...

Just adorable!

lady jicky said...

What a cutie!

Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

Amy J said...

I love your blog! If there is anything I'd like to come back in life as, it would be a dog in France. Thank you for bringing us these beautiful faces!


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