29 June 2008

Old boy

This old Miniature Schnauzer looked up at me in the market area of Carnoles - this is part of Roquebrune and adjoins Menton. His owner told me he's 15 and doesn't see too well. Like all Miniature Schnauzers tho, he has plenty of spirit.

26 June 2008


A little Min Pin in Menton. With his little willy sticking out! His harness looks almost too heavy for him, doesn't it? I'm sure tho it's hard to get just the right size collars or harnesses for such a little dog.

23 June 2008

The Menton Yorkie

This gorgeous little Yorkie has been featured on Menton Daily Photo before but always with his elegant owner. You see the owner in the small photo which was taken at the display of antique cars in Menton a few months ago. The lady normally dresses completely in white so it was unusual to see her in colours on this day. She walks with a stick, always with her Yorkie, of course, and always so friendly and happy.

On the day I took these photographs, I asked the name of the little dog but I'm in America at the moment and the note of his name is in Menton. Duh!

20 June 2008

Coco - Dachshunds Rule!

Photographed in Menton, Coco lives in Monte Carlo. She knows she's beautiful, doesn't she?

17 June 2008


Bouba, most Yorkie as you can see, is three years old. Photographed here in the walking street of Menton, just outside the Maison du Patrimoine.

15 June 2008


Outside Le Balico in Menton, a beautiful French bulldog: Raymond, aged 9. He lives in Sospel, which is a beautiful village 20 ks above Menton in the mountains.

11 June 2008


This is Clara, one year old and bright as a button. She is sitting at a restaurant in Rue Princesse Caroline, the walking street - in Monaco. Water provided by the management. Cotons are lovely little dogs - originally from Madagascar.

07 June 2008

Bon Bon and Marco

We've gone back to the Monaco Dog Show for this photo. Meet Bon Bon, a beautiful female Chow Chow, aged two and half and her owner, Marco, who is 8 years old. He'll have all the girls sighing one day, won't he? Marco and Bon Bon come from Varese, in Northern Italy.

04 June 2008

Street dogs

Tied to a tree, these dogs belong to street people - or at least people I often see hanging around Menton who appear to be street guys They were sitting on a nearby bench and spoke very proudly of their dogs. These pups appear to be well-fed and have smart collars.

02 June 2008

Nose to ground

A smart beagle, doing what it does best, sniffing...searching for a scent.


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