23 June 2008

The Menton Yorkie

This gorgeous little Yorkie has been featured on Menton Daily Photo before but always with his elegant owner. You see the owner in the small photo which was taken at the display of antique cars in Menton a few months ago. The lady normally dresses completely in white so it was unusual to see her in colours on this day. She walks with a stick, always with her Yorkie, of course, and always so friendly and happy.

On the day I took these photographs, I asked the name of the little dog but I'm in America at the moment and the note of his name is in Menton. Duh!


Nicole said...

Ohhh, he's so cute. Great blog by the way, just discovered it today. I love animals, esspecialy dogs, and your shoots are beautiful. This is my blog if you are interested.http://puremiracles13.blogspot.com/. I would like you're permission to add you to my lists of blogs, on my page.
Cheers, Nicole

lady jicky said...

Nothing like a cute Yorkie!

Anonymous said...

The name of the Dog is Socrate, and the Lady is Maggie.

After so many years seeing her at Menton, we finally spoke with her and even go at her place for an appero last Sunday of June.

Next time you see her, say hi ! from Carole & Luc, her new friends from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

...and give her in writing this new URL, so she will send it to her relatives. We gave her the other URL of this blog.


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