28 March 2010

Toffi and Rocco

Despite the awful winter we had on the day I snapped these two Gorden Setters it was actually quite warm and as you see, they are puffing and panting just a little at the end of their walk.

I've always loved Gordon Setters and have known quite a few who live in the Principality of Monaco - as do these two. They also spend time at their other home in Vence. Toffi, who you see in the main photo, is 9 and in the smaller pic, on the right, is Rocco, aged 10 - he has only one eye. I forgot to ask what happened.

These are the first Gordon Setters to appear in this blog.

23 March 2010


Today I was in Ventimiglia, across the Italian border. Sitting on a bench by the sea was this lovely boxer. He looks pretty comfortable, doesn't he. Arturo is six years old and lives just across the street from where he was sitting.

This post is for Glenda who has two dogs, one of whom (I believe) is a white Boxer. I've been looking for a white Boxer for you for ages Glenda but have a feeling I might never find one, so here's Arturo, the nearest I could get. All this by way of saying thankyou for being such a loyal reader of Riviera Dogs. I so appreciate it and I'm sure Arturo would give you a big wet sloppy lick if you were here.

19 March 2010


This is Uxane, who I met walking on the promenade above the port in Menton. She was here with her owners, who spend part of the year in Menton and part in Pau.

To see a little Jack Russell Terrier and a mighty lot of boats - taken from almost the same place as I'm standing today - click on the link for Menton Daily Photo - Walking the Dog...

15 March 2010


There's not a lot in the world more adorable than a French bulldog puppy! Eddy is 8 months old and lives in Menton.

11 March 2010

Zora in a Basket

This little sweetheart was impossible to walk past. She's called Zora and is a year old and was sitting outside Le Balico restaurant in Menton. She and her family were on holiday from the Yonne area of France.

Don't you love her smart basket? And don't you love her ears - back, out and up! Such an expressive little dog.

09 March 2010


Meet a little button-nosed poodle called Asia. An adorable puppy of 8 months, she was in Menton on holiday from her home near to Bologna, Italy.

06 March 2010


Is it the face only a mother could love? Some people think English Bulldogs are ugly. I adore them! I once looked after a puppy for three weeks before she travelled from Wales to Australia and from that moment on, I was in love with the breed.

Meet Ursula - hey, wake up Ursula! She was walking around Menton with her owners until they stopped to chat and then she thought she'd have a nap. Ursula is six years old and lives with her family in Brescia, Italy.

04 March 2010


Today we are in Eze village, which is on the Moyenne Corniche between Monaco and Nice.

I much prefer to photograph a dog in sunlight as it gives life to the coat and to the picture and today, it was dull, overcast. No matter - I couldn't resist this wonderful old girl. Phanny is 10 years old and was on holiday with her owners who live in Paris.

I wonder if she thinks she looks fierce - I think she looks adorable. Unusual to see boxer with cut ears these days. Let's hope one day it will become illegal all over the world.

01 March 2010


Here's one for the pug lovers! Meet Darcy who is 15 months old and was in Menton on holiday. Darcy and his family live in Bandol in the Var. Bandol produces some of the best Provence rosé wines.

His owner warned me that he was unlikely to keep still for a photo and I had visions of the Westie we saw last time. In fact, Darcy was an angel.


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