28 March 2010

Toffi and Rocco

Despite the awful winter we had on the day I snapped these two Gorden Setters it was actually quite warm and as you see, they are puffing and panting just a little at the end of their walk.

I've always loved Gordon Setters and have known quite a few who live in the Principality of Monaco - as do these two. They also spend time at their other home in Vence. Toffi, who you see in the main photo, is 9 and in the smaller pic, on the right, is Rocco, aged 10 - he has only one eye. I forgot to ask what happened.

These are the first Gordon Setters to appear in this blog.


Neva said...

Such handsome fellows! I love how you capture them so well with your lens.

glenda said...

I've never seen a Gordon Setter. They are great looking.

Lessie said...

The Gordon Setter is new to me. They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with this breed. Thanks for writing what it is. These two look so sweet! Always love seeing your pics.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Yea for gordon setters! We have one, and she is a joy and troublemaker, all rolled into one. Thank you for sharing their look, their breed and their sweetness!


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