31 March 2013


This is Havana - she's an adorable 8-month old French Bulldog who was sitting on the terrace of a restaurant in Place du Cap in Menton, whilst her owners had lunch. She's a bit mystified by the camera, isn't she?

28 March 2013


This is Hulk, a 3 month old Neopolitan Mastiff, who lives in Menton. He's pretty big at 3 months but will grow enormous and with all those folds of skin will need great care as he gets older.  A Neopolitan Mastiff (or Italian Mastiff) is an ancient breed originally used to guard property and family due to their protective instincts and fearsome appearance. Fang in the Harry Potter films was played by a Neopolitan Mastiff.

22 March 2013


Meet Birdy.  Isn't she too cute for words!  She's only 6 months old and has already got her owner sorted out with her very own carrying bag!

 Birdy and her charming owner, Patrick, live in Le Cannet.  I met them in Menton.

18 March 2013

Xena and Lana

Not all Monte Carlo ladies strut around in 6 inch heels. Some, like these two ladies,  are more interested in their dogs and were taking a rest with them on a bench in the Casino Gardens.

The Griffon is called Xena and she is 4 years old. And the Jack Russell terrier is called Lana and she is 3.

Both are rescue dogs now living a wonderful life in Monaco with these two fabulous Monte Carlo ladies.

17 March 2013


A brisk wind meant this little 4 year old Chinese Crested needed her tartan jacket. She's called Cleo and lives in Menton.

12 March 2013

Ugly Mia?

After all those beautiful dogs at Crufts, how about an ugly one! She's actually rather beautiful but the beginnings of a yawn can create a weird expression like this.

This is one of my rescue dogs, Mia, who is a Bassett Ariegois - a French hunting dog - sort of like a Bassett but with long legs.   She used to be terrified of the camera. She still is terrified of other people.  But now, when I'm photographing another dog, she'll push her way in and stare at the camera.

05 March 2013

Sleepy Abby

This is little Abby, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel who lives in Beaulieu-sur-Mer - currently asleep on my coffee table!

02 March 2013

Shaka (2)

If you've got a good memory you might recognise little Shaka. He made his first appearance on Riviera Dogs in September 2008. (click link) when he was 9 years old.

Here he is again, this time in his winter coat and of course an older gentleman now but looking really fit.   He's a mix between a Shihtzu and a Yorkshire terrier and lives in the village of Gorbio with his really nice owner, Muriel. 


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