25 February 2014


This poodle is tiny -  one of the smallest I've seen. He was out walking with the young children of his family and the family nanny who told me he came from America and cost $6,000. Simba lives in Monaco and is 5 years old.

19 February 2014


This border collie wasn't remotely interested in Menton's Lemon Festival.  All she wanted was to have a stick thrown into the sea for her. 

13 February 2014


This is Sadie, a 9 year old English setter who lives in Monaco.  The box, attached to her collar, is an anti-bark collar. I met her at the Kermesse in Monaco last November.

09 February 2014


This is little Trudy, a French bulldog, I met at the veterinary surgery one day.  Like many Frenchies she seems to have a permanently worried expression but in fact she was probably thinking about going in to see the vet! Trudy is 3 years old and lives in Monaco. Such an adorable breed. They are all clowns!

02 February 2014


Aren't Beagle puppies just too adorable!  This is i'lemon -  he's 4 months old and lives in Monaco. I met him walking around Port Hercule.


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