31 July 2011

Dog on a Motorbike

Some dogs love riding motorbikes. This adorable poodle was in Menton for the Bastille Day celebrations.

28 July 2011

Pasha at the Carnival

This charming Yorkie called Pasha, is 12 years old. He doesn't look it, does he? I met him in Monaco on le rocher, where he and his family were enjoying the carnival - hence the ribbon on his collar.

You can follow the Carnival 'U Sciaratu' series by clicking on Monte Carlo Daily Photo.

Pasha comes from the Seine-et-Marne.

24 July 2011

Abby and Donald

Meet Abby - a very lucky dog. She's two years old and until recently lived in a breeding kennel in the Var. She had one litter of two puppies and was then put up for sale.

Now meet my good and dear friend Donald. Donald has always had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and he bought her. So from living in a kennel, lucky Abby now lives in luxury in Beaulieu and of course goes out on Donald's boat nearly every day in summer. She's taken to boating like the proverbial duck to water. When Donald is whizzing around the water she is shut in the cabin below but otherwise she sits on deck, mostly on Donald's lap and looks up at him adoringly. It's a match of joy for both of them.

19 July 2011

The 'Beausejour' Dogs

Regular visitors to Riviera Dogs will have met the Beausejour dogs of Gorbio before. On the chair is Boutchette and at her feet is the most recent addition to the family, Galinette.

Seems to me that Boutchette has the most comfortable seat in the house! Not that all the seats aren't comfortable. We had dinner the night I took these shots and it was fabulous!

Naughty Boutchette tho appears to be pregnant and no one knows who the 'daddy is...in fact tho, she isn't. Turns out she has a phantom pregnancy. Sigh of relief all round.

13 July 2011


This little dog is often to be seen running around Place du Cap in Menton. I think he lives in Rue Longue in the Old Town.

You can also see him on Menton Daily Photo today where the two dogs on a lead probably wish they could play with him whilst their owners chat.

08 July 2011

Greta - Garbo of course

This is tiny Greta, named for Greta Garbo. She's half chihuahua and half shih-tzu and lives in Menton. She's not had all her vaccinations yet so I wasn't able to stroke her - too too too cute...

04 July 2011

Hot Dog!

Meet Gavi, he's a six month old chocolate Labrador who lives in Monaco. I met him on the port on the day of the recent Civil Marriage ceremony between Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock. (The big religious ceremony was the next day).

It was a warm day, hence the title of this post.

By the way, Gavi is a delicious wine from Liguria, just across the Italian border.


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