24 July 2011

Abby and Donald

Meet Abby - a very lucky dog. She's two years old and until recently lived in a breeding kennel in the Var. She had one litter of two puppies and was then put up for sale.

Now meet my good and dear friend Donald. Donald has always had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and he bought her. So from living in a kennel, lucky Abby now lives in luxury in Beaulieu and of course goes out on Donald's boat nearly every day in summer. She's taken to boating like the proverbial duck to water. When Donald is whizzing around the water she is shut in the cabin below but otherwise she sits on deck, mostly on Donald's lap and looks up at him adoringly. It's a match of joy for both of them.


brattcat said...

and this is perhaps the most beautiful thing i will see and learn today.

glenda said...

Abby is a beauty. Donald is not so bad either.

Lilac Haven said...

Abby looks like she's died and gone to heaven in Donald's arms.

lady jicky said...

Oh Darlin, you hit the jackpot!


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