31 January 2012

Gucci and Bombom

Gucci, the Welsh terrier lives in Gorbio village. We've met him before - click HERE - but today he wants to show you Bombom, the pet rabbit who lives in his house - and for good reason, behind wire. Gucci would probably have him for breakfast!

And to read about one lady's love affair with dogs do click on French Girl in Seattle.

26 January 2012

Alfie and Scruffy

This is a very long shot of two Golden Retriever puppies on Larvotto Beach in Monaco. I couldn't resist the shot because of all the shadows created.

In fact the owner of the puppies had her work cut out, dealing with the pups and her little girl who had yanked her big toe nail and was in a lot of pain. Happily she has now recovered.

Next week I hope to meet up with Alfie and Scruffy to take some proper photos.

22 January 2012


Glorious sunshine today in Monaco. Meet Caramel, a two-year old Chihuahua boy who was enjoying the sunshine near Larvotto Beach.

20 January 2012

Dogue in need of Botox...

This Dogue de Bordeaux is in need of some Botox - and failing that, some good quality moisturiser ...

I saw him in the Jardin Bioves in Menton over Christmas but he wasn't very friendly so I didn't get near enough to ask his owner his name.

15 January 2012

Nose to Nose

It's not terribly clear because it was dusk in Menton but I had to snap this meeting between two Great Danes - nose to nose through the wrought iron railings. It's so rare to see a Great Dane so to see two on the same evening was a surprise.

11 January 2012

Friends Forever

Man and dog - friends forever. As Edith Wharton wrote:

'My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet.'

These photos appear on Menton Daily Photo today but in reverse order.

06 January 2012

Bruno, the Tasmanian Beagle

Meet Bruno, a beagle who has crammed a lot into his two and a half year old life.

When he was a puppy, he was found playing in
the Derwent Valley in Tasmania, Australia with his sister. The owners came and took his sister home but left Bruno in the Hobart Dogs' Home saying they could only afford to release one dog. They said they'd go back for him when they'd saved enough money to release him but they never did.

When Bruno was 8 months old he was given a new home by a super young couple, Amanda and Jason, who work on racing yachts. Bruno has been all around Australia and protected Amanda by chasing away dingos, snakes and wild boars. And he's met turtles, dolphins, kangaroos and whales. He's even been chased by a crocodile and survived.

In October, he and his family came to France where they live in Juan-les-Pins along the coast from here and since then he's travelled to Italy and Switzerland - where he loves the snow. His favourite hobby is chasing Amanda along the beach whilst she kiteboards.

And his favourite hobby at Pension Milou is chewing the other dogs' cushions!

03 January 2012

The dog with the funny ears...

Ricky doesn't really have funny ears. He just does strange things with them when you try and attract his attention. He's 9 years old and lives in Monaco and has appeared on Riviera Dogs once before - you can find more pics of him HERE. Isn't he a love!

01 January 2012

Victor, the Performing Dog

Meet Victor, the performing dog. He is part of a troupe of animals - cats, poultry, white mice, goats and sheep who are part of a show in the Jardin Bioves in Menton. You can see a better photo of one of the cats jumping through fire on Menton Daily Photo - HERE. You can also read my comments on the show - all were treated beautifully, enjoyed their work and had a very kind and sympathetic owner, Jean-Luc, who you see in the smaller photo.

Thankyou so much to everyone for following Riviera Dogs and wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year and hopefully one where more unwanted dogs find loving homes. A little peace and common sense in our poor old world wouldn't come amiss either...


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