31 January 2012

Gucci and Bombom

Gucci, the Welsh terrier lives in Gorbio village. We've met him before - click HERE - but today he wants to show you Bombom, the pet rabbit who lives in his house - and for good reason, behind wire. Gucci would probably have him for breakfast!

And to read about one lady's love affair with dogs do click on French Girl in Seattle.


French Girl in Seattle said...

Merci for linking to this week's post Jilly. Dang, Gucci is cute, and what a great name! ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

brattcat said...

it looks to me as if gucci simply wants to play.

Judy Williams said...

Oh so wonderful. Having had rabbits for years, this makes me smile. What a cute terrier too. Greetings from Texas.

glenda said...

Gucci is so curly and cuddly looking. Wonder how they would behave together. My Stella is on Julies's Scottsdale Daily photo today. Do I act like a proud Mama? Yes.

lady jicky said...

I am glad the bunny is behind the bars! LOL


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