15 January 2012

Nose to Nose

It's not terribly clear because it was dusk in Menton but I had to snap this meeting between two Great Danes - nose to nose through the wrought iron railings. It's so rare to see a Great Dane so to see two on the same evening was a surprise.


brattcat said...

this is a wonderful composition.

glenda said...

What a fun shot. I always wonder if dogs recognize one of their own.

French Girl in Seattle said...

Love this shot Jilly. I am staying in Portland, OR this weekend. You would love the hotel: it is dog friendly. The pet mascot is a yellow lab, Milly, and I keep passing other dogs in the hallway on my way out ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Nikon said...

That is a big dog :)
Great shot - you got it just right!


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