29 June 2014


This is Lilou, the dog who lives at the Equestrian Centre, 'Les Marquises' which is just below the village of Gorbio. Isn't she a lovely old dog?

24 June 2014

Bouchette and the Red Stilettos

Today's photo of Bouchette (from the Restaurant Beausejour in Gorbio) was taken by my friend, Lisa Luscombe.  Lisa loves to photograph her red stilettos wherever she goes.  I wonder if Bouchette is dreaming of them ...

18 June 2014

A dog in Bari

Not a French Riviera dog but one in the south of Italy.   This is a German Shepherd I met in Bari, in Puglia whilst on Carla Coulson's amazing Caravan Travel Photo Workshop. Beautiful everything in Puglia - dogs, ambiance, scenery, architecture, beauty, food, people - loved it!

15 June 2014

The beauty of an Irish Setter

What a beauty.  I don't know his or her name but we met at the Monaco Dog Show.

11 June 2014

Xtase - Milou

The doggy love-of-my-life was an American cocker spaniel called Milou.  Of course, I loved all my wonderful Old English Sheepdogs, and all the rescue dogs since, but Milou shared my early years in France and we grew so close. I've never forgotten him. He lies under a rose bush in my garden with his ball near the roots.

This is Xtase, a girl, and bred by the same breeder as Milou - Laurent Pichard in Switzerland. She could be Milou - or at least his sister.The snood (I think it's called) is to protect her long ear before going into the showring at the Monaco Dog Show.

10 June 2014

Malenka - the Russian Toy Terrier dog

This is a Russkiy toy terrier or Russian toy terrier at the Monaco Dog Show. She's nine and a half month and is called Malenka. 

07 June 2014

Salukis - Peas in a Pod

Peas in a pod - two beautiful Salukis at the Monaco Dog Show.  Same expression, same stance, same piercing eyes.

03 June 2014


There were about five dachshunds in this pram at the Monaco dog show. Here are three!


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