31 January 2016

Waiting ...

Dogs queue too! A cute bichon, wrapped up for winter, at the Orange (telecom) shop in Menton.

30 January 2016

Table Dog?

This Jack Russell looks as if he's standing on a table but in fact he is standing on a wall alongside this restaurant in Place du Cap, Menton.   Dogs are part of life in France and if you go to a restaurant, then of course, your dog can go too.  I approve!

29 January 2016

'Fair' dog

There's a Fair on in Menton at the moment and this dog was tied up at the back of one of the rides waiting for his owner to close down for the day.  Note the one blue and one brown eye. 

28 January 2016


Couldn't resist snapping William today. I met him on the promenade above Larvotto Beach in Monaco.  Just a pup, a big pup and looking adorable. He's a Standard Poodle or, as the French call them, a Caniche Royale.

27 January 2016


Boxer puppies are adorable... well all puppies are adorable!  I love Boxers but they are boisterous and very strong. She'll be a ball of muscle when she matures.  Her name is Lolly and I met her on the pedestrian street in Menton.

25 January 2016


'Ours' on the sofa - a ray of sunlight on his face.

24 January 2016


A Jack Russell terrier by the port of Villefranche-Sur-Mer.

23 January 2016


Winter walk in Menton.

22 January 2016

21 January 2016


Dogs are so patient, aren't they? This is Hawaii: his owner is trying to win a prize at Menton's Fair. Hawaii waits.

19 January 2016

Mr. Mojo

We've met the adorable Mr. Mojo before on this blog but not with this photograph.  Mr. Mojo, a handsome French bulldog lives in Monaco with my friend, Nicky.

17 January 2016


A happy spaniel mix at Place du Cap, Menton.

16 January 2016

Larry and Haston

Now this is an idea to save you walking the dog!  Meet Larry and Haston, two English Bulldogs who live in Menton. Here they are in Menton's beautiful Parc du Pian.

14 January 2016

Milou, the GoldenDoodle

This beauty is a GoldenDoodle (a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle) - isn't she gorgeous.

Milou is only one and a half years old yet so well behaved.  She lives in Munich and was on her way home - just passing through Menton.

12 January 2016

Black and White

This little dog looks a bit like a Tibetan Terrier but with prick ears - so I don't know what he is - other than he's cute.

10 January 2016


Jagger, a shih-tzu who lives in Nice.

09 January 2016


A new puppy Golden Retriever puppy - nearly four months old and already chasing sticks on one of Menton's beaches. He's called Darwin. Adorable!

08 January 2016


Gaia, ears flapping in the wind, at the Pointe des Douaniers, Cap d'Ail.

06 January 2016


Bisous (kisses) lives in Menton and is 7 years old. Her mother was a Llasa Apso but, as her owners told me, her father didn't leave a visiting card!

05 January 2016

Me and my Reflection ...

It's dusk and a French bulldog is out walking on the Coulée Verte in Nice.

04 January 2016

Lands of the Giants

Chihuahuas it seems to me, need courage, dealing with all those enormous legs and boots that surround them.

03 January 2016


Whisky is a Maltese terrier who lives in Nice.  Don't you love his 'direct at the camera' look.  So much in those eyes.

02 January 2016


Cali, a beautiful Golden Retriever, poses by the Coulée Vert in Nice at dusk.


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