28 September 2009

Betty and Classic Week

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Betty was standing with her owner by the port of Monaco during Classic Week. Classic Week is when all the famous sailing yachts of the world take part in competition. Also you see the Tall Ships - all much more fun than the massive mega yachts of the rich and famous, although you still have to be rich to own a sailing yacht.

Betty is one year old and lives in England and was visiting Monaco specially for the event.

24 September 2009

Elementary, my dear Watson

Snuggled up in his owner's arms is this lovely old whippet called Watson. Watson is 12 and lives near to Paris.

I hardly have to tell you where we are as you can see the Casino of Monte Carlo in the background.

I've just realised Watson is the first whippet to appear on this blog. I've always loved this breed and isn't Watson adorable.

19 September 2009


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Anubia is the house-mate of Robbie who we met in the last posting.

Anubia is a 4 year old Shih-tzu and she lives with François, the gentleman you see on the right of the smaller photo. He, like his father, used to run the Restaurant Beausejour in the village. It's now run by his son, Yvan. You get great food at the Beausejour. The gentleman on the left is François' friend Michel.

17 September 2009


Robbie is a cross between a Shih-tzu and a terrier and he looks it, doesn't he? He's 4 years old and lives with Anubia, a girl Shih-tzu, who we'll meet next time - both are owned by the father (we'll meet him too) of Yvan, proprietor of the Restaurant Beausejour in Gorbio.

14 September 2009

The Tourist Shop Dog

This is Zita - taken on a very sunny day on le rocher in Monaco - too much sun bleached the shot a little.

Zita, a Miniature Pinscher, sits just inside her owner's shop all day. She has one bed inside the door and another outside so she can choose where she likes to sleep. After lunch, like many good people from the south, she takes a nap. Then her owner displays a sign above her bed asking people not to wake her. Zita was a rescue dog who had had far too many litters before she ended up being so loved.

Zita's owner, Rosie, is one of Monaco's characters. Her shop is called Rosie's Memories. You can see a photo of her on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today.

11 September 2009


Dogs are so patient. I often say this and I suppose, on a lead, they don't have much choice. Knowing dogs tho, they'd probably not stray far, even off lead. Look at the patience of this little dog - happy to be with his owner.

The owners of all those feet are watching the Procession Votive in Roquebrune village. You can read about it by clicking on the link.

07 September 2009

Wrong Move

I don't know the name of this dog but I do know that he used to live with his owner in Gorbio, which is where the photograph was taken. She decided she wanted to live in the country (many would say Gorbio is country, but I know what she meant - to live in real deep countryside). So she moved way up into the mountains, Tende, I believe. Today she and her dog are back in Gorbio for the Fête Patronale and she says how much she misses Gorbio and perhaps wishes she'd never left - she misses her friends and the way of life of the village. It's not so easy to make a new life in a new place, especially when you are older.

I wonder where the dog would prefer to live? The answer of course is easy - with his owner - wherever that might be.

03 September 2009


There was far too much going on at the Blessing of the Animals in Gorbio for Olfen to want to pose for a photo. I took a few and they weren't any good.

Much later I saw him on a road leading out of the village and snapped these two. He just wanted to go home! Olfen is 12 year old and lives in Gorbio village and I think when a dog gets to 12 he's entitled to not want his photo taken, don't you?


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