11 September 2009


Dogs are so patient. I often say this and I suppose, on a lead, they don't have much choice. Knowing dogs tho, they'd probably not stray far, even off lead. Look at the patience of this little dog - happy to be with his owner.

The owners of all those feet are watching the Procession Votive in Roquebrune village. You can read about it by clicking on the link.


glenda said...

What a good little guy. Love the variety of shoes in this photo.

Unknown said...

Oh, isn't she sweet? I just adore Jack Russells.

lady jicky said...

I think he is wondering if he should gives those toes a big bite!

* If that was my Kenzo - those toes would be bitten by now! LOL

Tiffany said...

This little doggie is so cute. It looks very similar to my dog, Jozie. They could be sibblings. Ahh...I just love dogs! <3


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