07 September 2009

Wrong Move

I don't know the name of this dog but I do know that he used to live with his owner in Gorbio, which is where the photograph was taken. She decided she wanted to live in the country (many would say Gorbio is country, but I know what she meant - to live in real deep countryside). So she moved way up into the mountains, Tende, I believe. Today she and her dog are back in Gorbio for the Fête Patronale and she says how much she misses Gorbio and perhaps wishes she'd never left - she misses her friends and the way of life of the village. It's not so easy to make a new life in a new place, especially when you are older.

I wonder where the dog would prefer to live? The answer of course is easy - with his owner - wherever that might be.


Sara Diana said...

Beautiful dog! You are right, a dogs home is with his owner x

TC said...

Yes you are right a dog is happiest with their owner. Our bichon was laying between us rolling and wagging his tail and I told my husband the dog has everything he needs to be happy, you and me.

lady jicky said...

Oh yes - "the grass is always greener...." but sometimes it isn't ! Oh to be a dog and live in the moment- I guess that is the secret Jilly. LOL


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