19 September 2009


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Anubia is the house-mate of Robbie who we met in the last posting.

Anubia is a 4 year old Shih-tzu and she lives with François, the gentleman you see on the right of the smaller photo. He, like his father, used to run the Restaurant Beausejour in the village. It's now run by his son, Yvan. You get great food at the Beausejour. The gentleman on the left is François' friend Michel.


Gail said...

I enjoy your photos of so many differant dogs.

@eloh said...

If a picture is worth a thousand words...this one of the two men and two dogs is worth a million.

Virginia said...

Well they are both adorable. I would love to take them home with me!

lady jicky said...

Four old cuties!

Kate said...

I commented on the wrong photo, but the comment is sincere and works with this one, too: Great looking little dog!!

Sara Diana said...

how gorgeous!


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