24 September 2009

Elementary, my dear Watson

Snuggled up in his owner's arms is this lovely old whippet called Watson. Watson is 12 and lives near to Paris.

I hardly have to tell you where we are as you can see the Casino of Monte Carlo in the background.

I've just realised Watson is the first whippet to appear on this blog. I've always loved this breed and isn't Watson adorable.


Sara Diana said...

Watson is adorable!!!

@eloh said...

A lap dog? I had a 100 pound shepard about 30 years ago that was also convinced he was "lap size".

Lessie said...

I love whippets, too. They are not only beautiful, but seem so loving as well.

lady jicky said...

Watson is very elegant and he is the same colour as the casino. In my imagination I can see Watson as a very posh statue somewhere in the Casino lobby!

Kate said...

There appears to be a special bond between the dog and owner. Watson looks a tad tired today.


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