14 September 2009

The Tourist Shop Dog

This is Zita - taken on a very sunny day on le rocher in Monaco - too much sun bleached the shot a little.

Zita, a Miniature Pinscher, sits just inside her owner's shop all day. She has one bed inside the door and another outside so she can choose where she likes to sleep. After lunch, like many good people from the south, she takes a nap. Then her owner displays a sign above her bed asking people not to wake her. Zita was a rescue dog who had had far too many litters before she ended up being so loved.

Zita's owner, Rosie, is one of Monaco's characters. Her shop is called Rosie's Memories. You can see a photo of her on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today.


Owen said...

Hi Jilly, gosh what a life she has... I wish someone would put up a sign like that over my bed... !

@eloh said...

Most excellent sign.

lady jicky said...

Poor Zita - a better life now but , please let her get her beauty sleep!

Lessie said...

What a cutie! So glad her new life involves a disturbance-free nap! :)

Kate said...

I LOVE rescue dogs. Zita deserves all the consideration given to her!!


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