31 March 2012

The Pink Ribbon Walk in Monaco

These dogs took part in the recent Pink Ribbon Walk in Monaco - for breast cancer awareness.

The Yorkie with the badge is called Jamie and he's one and a half. I don't know the name of the Chihuahua, so proudly displaying the pink balloon.

To learn more about Monaco's first Pink Ribbon Walk, click HERE.

27 March 2012


This is Oural, a 14 year old Whippet who lives in Toulon. He was in Monte Carlo for the recent 10 kilometre run - hence all those feet clad in running shoes.

He knows he could outrun all of them and is wondering why don't they hurry up so he can get home to his comfortable sofa...

24 March 2012


Meet Spike, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I met him today in Carnoles, part of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. Spike is one year old and lives in Monaco.

I can see I focused on his nose, rather than his eyes but you can see still what a character he is. All he wanted to do was play - not pose.

20 March 2012


Gucci, the Chihuahua, was in Port Hercule in Monaco on Sunday for the Pink Ribbon Walk - you can read more about this on Monte Carlo Daily Photo.

Gucci is one year old and lives in Monaco. See how beautifully she matches her owner's hair!

16 March 2012

Maggie, the Kindest Dog

Maggie is from Canada, now living in Antibes. She was found aged two tied to a tree, emaciated and it was obvious she'd recently had a litter of pups. She was taken to a shelter and was soon given her forever home by a great couple. She's now 7 years old.

Maggie is one of the kindest, gentlest dogs I've had the pleasure of meeting. Isn't it humbling how dogs that have been so badly treated give us nothing but love?

We should always go to a shelter/refuge for a dog - there are far too many, just like Maggie, waiting for a home. And they give far more back than we give them.

11 March 2012

Dog Beach

Just a walk on one of Menton's three dog beaches.

06 March 2012

Esme and Blossom, Jet-Set Sisters

Esme and Blossom are much-travelled sisters. They live most of the year in England but travel to their Monaco home a few times a year. Jet-set dogs, you could say. They are Bichon Havernais (Havanese). The Havanese is the National dog of Cuba. Rather like a mix of Bichon Maltais (Maltese terrier) and Bichon Frise but with markings of any colour in the white coat.

Esme and Blossom are nine years old. Esme is the smaller of the two and with dark eyes and nose and Blossom is the larger one, with lighter eyes and nose - so easy to tell them apart.

02 March 2012

The Borzoi at Carrefour

I've never seen a Borzoi in Monaco before - well except at the Monaco Dog Show of course. But here was one, tied up outside Carrefour, the main supermarket, waiting for his owner who was shopping inside. And you can see the crowd he drew.

Not the sharpest photos as I'd just done some shopping myself and only had my small camera in my pocket.


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