02 March 2012

The Borzoi at Carrefour

I've never seen a Borzoi in Monaco before - well except at the Monaco Dog Show of course. But here was one, tied up outside Carrefour, the main supermarket, waiting for his owner who was shopping inside. And you can see the crowd he drew.

Not the sharpest photos as I'd just done some shopping myself and only had my small camera in my pocket.


glenda said...

I can see how this one would attract a crowd. He or she is stunning!

brattcat said...

what a magnificent creature he is.

lady jicky said...

So well groomed!!!

Its a wonder he did not get pinched! They are very $$$ dogs!

Speedway said...

What a beautiful dog. He looks a tad sheepish that he had to be tied outside the store, not allowed to be with his person or to explore on his own til she returned.

RedPat said...

I always find dogs that are left outside stores are so sad!


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