30 June 2009

Dog Training - Zion, the Police Lady's Dog

Zion is an American Staffordshire Terrier, which I gather is not as the same as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the UK.

Zion is 5 years old and lives in Castellar, a hill village about Menton, with his owner, a very pretty policewoman. What is it about policemen and women - they get younger as we get older? And better looking.

27 June 2009

Dog Training - Easie

We're back at Dog Training today and here is Easie, who is a Bernese Mountain Dog X German Shepherd Dog. Lovely mix, eh? I forgot to ask how old he is but he looks very young, doesn't he? Just a puppy and adorable.

Easie lives in La Turbie, the village above Monaco.

24 June 2009

Nina, the Art Gallery Dog

Meet Nina, a Monte Carlo dog in the arms of a Monte Carlo lady - owner of the G.A.M Galerie d'Art in Monaco.

Nina is a long haired Chihuahua and nearly one year old - still only a puppy.

I was walking through the Gallery of the Winter Sporting in Casino Square and noticed a vernissage taking place in this beautiful art gallery. One of the owner's assistants kindly invited me in and put a glass of vin rosé in my hand. The vernissage was for two talented artists, one a sculptor and the other a photographer - yes, I know I should have taken note of names but put a glass of wine in my hand and give me a dog to photograph and that's it!

You'll see another photograph of Nina on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today (second photo).

22 June 2009

Gino and Sante in Monaco

Walking along the port of Monaco I couldn't resist these two. Gino is the bigger one and is 8 years old and Sante is the smaller one - he's 4 - looks a puppy, doesn't he? They were visiting Monte Carlo from their home near to Dortmund in Germany.

20 June 2009

Dog Training - Bandit takes a nap

Of course, I'm kidding. Bandit, the Border Collie, isn't napping but closing his eyes to the sun.

Border Collies are so intelligent, but they do need training. They need to feel they are working.

This lovely boy is 3 years old and lives in the hill village of Sospel which is 20 kilometres above Menton.

18 June 2009

Dog Training - Pepsi

Pepsi is an intelligent little dog, bright as a button and enjoying his training class - you could see how he wanted to please his owner. You can see him in the Sit/Stay a couple of postings ago.

He's 2 years old and is a mix of a Pinscher and an Australian Terrier. He lives in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

16 June 2009

Dog Training - Vickie

This beautiful German Shepherd was so well-behaved and look at those intelligent, kind eyes.

Vickie is 5 years old and lives in Menton. You can see her in the Sit/Stay exercise on the previous posting.

13 June 2009

Dog Training - Myle

The other evening I popped along to watch the dog training class in Roquebrune. It's called Amicale du Chien and is run by a really nice lady called Miriam.

Meet a 13 month old Newfoundland called Myle. And see how good she is in the smaller photograph where she and three others are practicing their 'stays.' Myle lives in La Turbie. Isn't she gorgeous? - like a big cuddly black bear.

We'll meet these other three dogs another day and several more too.

11 June 2009

Khalie, who loves the Sea

I met Khalie walking along the seafront in Menton and took a few photos but she wasn't settled and her owner told me she was anxious to get to one of the dog beaches, so a little later I caught up with them.

Here you see this gorgeous 5 year old Labrador, who lives in Menton, waiting for the ball to be thrown into the sea. 'Throw it, throw it!'

In the last photo she's bringing the ball back for MORE.

Labs just love water, don't they?

06 June 2009

The Dog who Guards the Heliport in Monaco

Meet Rocky the Rottweiler. A working dog, he guards the Heliport in Monaco. And when he's not working? He lives in the Medieval village of Gorbio which is where we see him today.

He is a beautifully behaved, well-trained, eight year old dog with a lovely temperament. His owner told him to jump up on the stone bench and he did - he told him to turn his head towards the sun, he did. Super dog.

Riviera Dogs has been honoured by being mentioned in Owen's fascinating blog of great B and W photographs and much more. Go to The Magic Lantern Show or...Mr. Toad's Travel Diary.

05 June 2009

Tony, the Drathaar

This large bundle of energy is a German Wire-haired Pointer, sometimes known as a Drathaar.

He didn't want to keep still for his photograph - he's only one year old, after all - so I'm sorry but his nose is out of focus in the smaller pic.

Tony lives in Megève in the Haute-Savoie region of France and was enjoying a holiday in Menton.

Update on Mia on Postcards from Pension Milou today.

03 June 2009


Kaila was resting in the shade with her owner - just around the corner from the market building. English Bulldogs have such gorgeous temperaments but if they are naughty and you have to get hold of them, goodness, they are strong. I've had one or two at Pension Milou who have thought it great fun to eat a door frame!

Kaila is three and lives in Milan - on holiday here in Menton.


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