13 June 2009

Dog Training - Myle

The other evening I popped along to watch the dog training class in Roquebrune. It's called Amicale du Chien and is run by a really nice lady called Miriam.

Meet a 13 month old Newfoundland called Myle. And see how good she is in the smaller photograph where she and three others are practicing their 'stays.' Myle lives in La Turbie. Isn't she gorgeous? - like a big cuddly black bear.

We'll meet these other three dogs another day and several more too.


@eloh said...

This picture really makes me miss my old dog Cujo. 115 pounds of love.

The only rescue I have left is a 4 pound little button of fur that can only be petted with a finger or two.

I sure miss one to hug but I'm too old to handle a large rescue and re-train one.

I just LOVE your pictures.

Owen said...

Hi Jilly, Definitely gorgeous and very huggable, he looks soft and adorable. And well behaved too !

Am wondering though if in the south where it gets fairly hot this time of year he doesn't get too overheated dressed in black like that ? Too bad he can't shed the black in the spring and grow a white summer coat... ?

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Here is a strange dog story that you and your readers might enjoy.

My wife's brother has a several beloved old dogs on a ranch in very rural Navajo County in northeastern Arizona. A couple fo nights ago one of the dogs looked to be dying. Its tongue had turned black. He could not stand to sit there and try to comfort the dog as it was expiring and he felt he had to do something, but getting any assistance or veterinary care was not possible in the middle of nowhere.

So, he got out a torch that he uses for welding equipment. He turned on the flow of oxygen, did not light the flame, and put the oxygen hose in the dog's mouth. The dog revived. Its tongue turned pink, and by the next morning the dog was back to romping and playing.

lady jicky said...

Wow Dave! You know, some people are so clever in an emergancy. I don't think I would have thought of that!

Oooo - that is one BIG girl!

Jilly said...

Owen, yes he does get hot, I'm sure. You see many breeds in the south of France that don't really belong in this climate. Presumably, hopefully, they have a cool place to sleep. Having said that, because the climate is not their natural climate, they'd perhaps not grow as much coat as in a cold place.

Dave, that's an amazing story. Just incredible. Be interested to know what was wrong with the dog. I presume they'll get him checked out when they can get to the vet. Obviously wasn't his time. Good!

Owen said...

Hi Jilly, just wanted to thank you for all your comments on those back dog photo posts, that's really kind of you to show all those dogs some tender care. The three deceased dogs were all struck down by cars or trucks by the roadside... roadkill is one of the saddest phenomena of our times, people in such a big hurry in cars... many animals pay the price. Will be digging up more dog photos soon...

Blind Fly Theater said...

Myle is gorgeous, and I absolutely love that second photo of her and all the other obedient pups!


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