27 June 2009

Dog Training - Easie

We're back at Dog Training today and here is Easie, who is a Bernese Mountain Dog X German Shepherd Dog. Lovely mix, eh? I forgot to ask how old he is but he looks very young, doesn't he? Just a puppy and adorable.

Easie lives in La Turbie, the village above Monaco.


@eloh said...

What a beautiful baby.

lady jicky said...

yes , he does look like a puppy!

Owen said...

A heartbreaker for sure... absolutely too cute !

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Your dog photos are wonderful, as always. Thank you for your photos organized by breed. My son this evening informed me that he is thinking of getting an Italian greyhound, so your site was the first place I came to in order to see a photo.

My son lives in a condo, without a yard, so he would be taking the dog out in the morning and evening for exercise, but I am concerned about whether the dog would do well inside all day.

Neva said...

I am sure this will be an adorable dog when he grows up! Just look at his cute face and his expression!
My Clancy (the 2 y/o black lab) had to have ACL repair on his knee last week. He is doing very very well....but it is so HARD to keep him quiet and calm. the other 3 dogs pretty much leave him alone if he is crated but it is not possible to crate him all day. But he is a happier camper this week than he was last week!

Amy J said...

Lovely dog!


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