28 September 2013


This adorable Jack Russell Terrier was at the next table to me at the fabulous Beausejour Restaurant in Gorbio.  In the last photo, you can see how he managed to wind himself around the table leg when I wanted to take his photo, but he was soon untangled. He's called Eliot and he's 3 years old and lives in Nice.  Nice to meet you Eliot!

20 September 2013


This cute little bundle was waiting for the priest to arrive for the 'Blessing of the Animals'  in Gorbio recently. She's called Praline and she's 10 years old.

15 September 2013

A Lazy Sunday Walk

The shih-tzu in the distance is called Billy - even though she's a girl.  She was named for Billy Jean King.  The part-Husky is called Lucky and the Beagle is Caillou.  Billy belongs to my friend Carla and Lucky and Caillou are staying with her.

06 September 2013

The Thirsty Dachshund

Sometimes, you've just got to have a drink but it's too high - and then it's scary because you might fall in!  I met this lovely wire-haired dachshund in Gorbio.  This is where the horses come to drink.

02 September 2013


Meet Iris, my friend and neighbour Agnes' beautiful 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy.  She's having the best fun jumping for a stick.

Iris lives with her big brother, Shadow, who can you see in the last photo. More of Shadow another time.


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