28 December 2009

Little and Large

Mojito is the little one. He's a Coton de Tuleur and lives in Antibes. Gator is the big boy and he lives in Monaco. You met Gator once before HERE. Gator is a GoldenDoodle, a breed created for people with allergies. He's also an American Service Dog which meant he was allowed to fly in the cabin from Florida to Nice.

26 December 2009

The Begging Aid

I wish people wouldn't use dogs as an aid to beg for money. I know some of the street people of Menton and they love their dogs but this dog is only a puppy. What's his future? I don't know how old the cat would be but it looks very young too.

22 December 2009

Anderson, the Market Dog

This little Cavalier sits by the edge of his owner's stall at the Menton Christmas market. He's called Anderson and is 4 years old.

18 December 2009

Georgio for Kenzo and Moi...

This is Georgio who is 10 years old and lives in Menton. As you can see he's got little cysts on his eyes but he's under veterinary treatment and will be fine.

This post is dedicated to Melissa who lives in Australia. She has two little dogs and this morning photographs of her gorgeous pastels arrived in my mail box. She wrote...

'I like to do pastels and I have a great love of anything French . A couple of years ago I saw the movie Marie Antoinette - the costumes alone were fabulous and the movie was set in Versailles which was something else! So - here are Kenzo and Moi a la' Marie Antoinette! I do serious stuff but .... sometimes I go a little "silly!' I really like Melissa's silly, don't you?!

14 December 2009

Dodge, the Flatcoat

This lovely - and very obedient, as you see - Flatcoat Retriever was walking around Monaco. He's 2 years old and lives in Aix-en-Provence. Doubt he wasn't remotely interested in the posh shops you see below - sensible dog!

10 December 2009


Gigi is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, a French breed. He's 5 years old and lives in the Old Town of Menton. His owner says he doesn't like other dogs!

08 December 2009

Chips, the street dog

You see a lot of street dogs in Menton - dogs who live with the SDF (sans domicile fixe) - which means 'of no fixed abode.'

There's quite a community of young guys with dogs, some of whom live around Garavan railway station, near to the Italian border.

This is Chips, who is a Malinois/Staffie mix and is 18 months old. His eyes are closed in the photo - in fact everytime clicked he shut his eyes but the rest of the time they were open. He's well fed, with a comfy bed to lie on whilst his owner hopes for money in his jar.

Take a look at this clip to see a brilliant Golden Retriever surfing with an 'adaptive surfer' - go on, you'll see a great short video. Thanks to Michael J. Rosen.

06 December 2009


This Doberman was walking around the market area with her owner. She was rather nervous - you can see the way she stands in the smaller photo, rather hunched. When lying down tho she was a little more relaxed.

I'm always a little wary approaching some of the 'guarding' breeds but Toscane - she is 6 and lives in Menton - although a little wary of me, didn't seem to mind the camera.

04 December 2009


This is Nico who lives in Menton. He's 12 years old - looks good, doesn't he? I met him on my way to photograph a cat show (cat? did she say 'cat' on a dog blog?) - you can see coverage of the cat show on Menton Daily Photo at the moment.

English Setters are such soft, soppy dogs and beautiful, of course.


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