08 December 2009

Chips, the street dog

You see a lot of street dogs in Menton - dogs who live with the SDF (sans domicile fixe) - which means 'of no fixed abode.'

There's quite a community of young guys with dogs, some of whom live around Garavan railway station, near to the Italian border.

This is Chips, who is a Malinois/Staffie mix and is 18 months old. His eyes are closed in the photo - in fact everytime clicked he shut his eyes but the rest of the time they were open. He's well fed, with a comfy bed to lie on whilst his owner hopes for money in his jar.

Take a look at this clip to see a brilliant Golden Retriever surfing with an 'adaptive surfer' - go on, you'll see a great short video. Thanks to Michael J. Rosen.


Sara Diana said...

Chips is lovely, he has a certain air of dignity about him.

Fashion Schlub said...

chips looks sleepy...like me :-) I could use a little doze around lunchtime


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