06 December 2009


This Doberman was walking around the market area with her owner. She was rather nervous - you can see the way she stands in the smaller photo, rather hunched. When lying down tho she was a little more relaxed.

I'm always a little wary approaching some of the 'guarding' breeds but Toscane - she is 6 and lives in Menton - although a little wary of me, didn't seem to mind the camera.


Sara Diana said...

Lovely dog but I must protest about the ear cutting. It is illegal in Great Britain and rightly so. Ears are so sensitive on dogs and bleed so profusely. I think it is a barbaric act for asthetic gratification

Jilly said...

Sara, I agree. So far as I know it's illegal in France and Italy. Perhaps this dog's ears were done before the ban - I don't know when that took place. Or somewhere else. Or illegally. It's barbaric and totally unnecessary.

glenda said...

I love the Dobermans The little light brown eyebrows give them a lot of expression.

lady jicky said...

I was going to comment on the ear docking too!
It is illegal here in Australia and thankfully you never see it. Just dobies with their happy fat floppy ears.

She does look worried - I bet its all the people around putting her off - or she hasn't started her Christmas shopping yet ! LOL

Teri said...

I am embarrassed to learn that my country does not ban or restrict ear or tail docking. Did (do?) people cut the ears so that guard dogs will always have their ears up and 'on alert?' Awful!
Glenda, I too love the little eyebrows - so expressive!


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