27 February 2011

Hettie, the Border Terrier

In the last post we met Harry, the Golden Retriever. This is Hettie, his house-mate and friend. Hettie is a Border Terrier, a breed I find adorable. She's 18 months old.

24 February 2011


This gorgeous two and a half year old Golden Retriever lives in Menton - and in England. His other half is Hettie, a Border Terrier and you'll meet her in a couple of days.

I've never met a more polite and kind Golden. He is so gentle and for a young dog, incredibly calm. When he is excited he picks up a dog bed in his mouth and brings it to you! In my place, this meant an awful lot of dog beds got moved around!

21 February 2011

Enough shopping, already!

Do you get the feeling this animal-print-clad chihuahua could live without going into a shoe shop in Menton?

And if you've nothing better to do tell me ... is this the most beautiful dog loo in the world?

19 February 2011

All tied up...

What is it about dachshunds? They are just so entrancing... even if their leads do get wound around your leg.

14 February 2011

Loona and the Late Photo...

Sometimes I take a photograph of a dog and the photo isn't good enough, so I don't use it and occasionally - mea culpa - I forget. So last Saturday, when I took the photo of the three guys below - the one on the right asked why I hadn't put the photo of his Yorkie pup on the blog and then I remembered. It is one of the last pics I took before I got my new camera and somehow, with all the learning processes, I forgot.

So here - rather late - is little Loona, who was only four months old at the time. Adorable eh? How could I have forgotten!

Click on Menton Daily Photo to read about Philippe (left) who grows organic fruit and veggies in Gorbio.

11 February 2011


Milou, the Cavalier King Charles, is 10 years old - perhaps he has bad legs and can't walk much. Perhaps he's spoiled. Here he is in the pedestrian street of Menton.

Look at those loooooong ears...

07 February 2011

Lilou, the Llasa Apso

This little sweetie called Lilou belongs to the owner of one of the stalls outside Menton's market. He's there every Saturday and comes from Grasse.

Lilou is a 9 months Llasa Apso. Cutie, eh?!

03 February 2011

Suni from Hungary

A lot of people, including this dog, are in Monaco for the Monte Carlo rally.

Meet Suni. She's two years old and from Hungary. Isn't she gorgeous. She was walking in the port yesterday with her young owners who were enjoying the spectacle of the luxury yachts.


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