24 February 2011


This gorgeous two and a half year old Golden Retriever lives in Menton - and in England. His other half is Hettie, a Border Terrier and you'll meet her in a couple of days.

I've never met a more polite and kind Golden. He is so gentle and for a young dog, incredibly calm. When he is excited he picks up a dog bed in his mouth and brings it to you! In my place, this meant an awful lot of dog beds got moved around!


joanna said...


Gorgeous and regal looking dog, he does look calm in his eyes.

I wonder in dog language giving you the 'gift' of the bed means? Would love to really hear what the animals are thinking & saying, if you know what I mean.

have a nice day,

Lilac Haven said...

Love his color

Jilly said...

Joanny, I read somewhere that a dog is excited to see you and wants to play but really I don't know.

Jotter Girl said...

Sooo beautiful!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

:) He has such a gentle face and love the name harry :)

I love coming by this website. How people can abuse these sweetheart animals is beyond my comprehension.

Been meaning to share a website with you. There's a lady in Montego Bay Jamaica who does something similar I'm guessing to what you do in Menton - she actually rescues stray and abused dogs, cares for them until they can be rehomed and she does the most marvelous job ever! Her name is Tammy and her website is http://montegobayanimalhaven.org/news.html

glenda said...

I've always had a soft spot for Golden Retrievers. Never owned one. Would love to see Harry with a dog bed in his mouth.

vanessa said...

A golden retriever are such a sweet dog. I own one and i love him so much. Because when he saw me very stress and tired, He will run to my room and pick up by his mouth a pillow. I think dogs have a mind just like human :)

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Sharon said...

What a beautiful dog!


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