14 February 2011

Loona and the Late Photo...

Sometimes I take a photograph of a dog and the photo isn't good enough, so I don't use it and occasionally - mea culpa - I forget. So last Saturday, when I took the photo of the three guys below - the one on the right asked why I hadn't put the photo of his Yorkie pup on the blog and then I remembered. It is one of the last pics I took before I got my new camera and somehow, with all the learning processes, I forgot.

So here - rather late - is little Loona, who was only four months old at the time. Adorable eh? How could I have forgotten!

Click on Menton Daily Photo to read about Philippe (left) who grows organic fruit and veggies in Gorbio.

1 comment:

glenda said...

Wonder what this little guy is looking at. He is so cute bell and all!


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