30 August 2009

Boutchette, the BAD pup!

Who can resist a Basset Hound puppy only six months old. It's the day of the Blessing of the Animals in Gorbio village and many horses are the main square. Boutchette has stolen a beautiful round oh-so-tasty horse dropping and is happily munching her way through it - see small photo.

Soon she'll be booted back inside - no, not booted - her owners adore her, of course.

Boutchette lives at my favourite restaurant in the village, Le Beausejour and she's called Boutchette because the owner's previous Bassett was called Boutch - so she is 'little Boutch.

How adorable is she? You know, I've yet to meet a dog who doesn't love to either eat horse droppings or roll in them - or better still, both!


lady jicky said...

Jilly - my Kenzo says - "pop over to my house in Oz and we can dine on possum poo together!" Yik.

@eloh said...

I was just driven to insanity by my old cocker who was smarter than most people and so so sneaky when it came to the cat box.

I asked the vet to tell me why!...He said don't worry about it, poop is high in protein.

Oh well.

Sara Diana said...

My dogs love guineapig and rabbit poo!! YUK! She is adorable but Bassett Hounds do require alot of care. Look at the ears dragging on the floor - they must be kept clean. The droopy eyes need attention to prevent infection. However, those PAWS are so so so touchable!

Gail said...

Rolling in it can cover their dog smell so they may sneak up on game. The eating, I don't know, it may be an acquired taste.

Sara said...


When we lived in Tennessee - we had a lab named Venus - and a cow farm across the street...

Whenever Venus got loose or away from us - guess where she headed - the cow pasture to roll in you know what!

So, I totally understand this little hound!

Owen said...

Oh boy, who could resist those sad eyes and drooping ears ? And if he cleans certain things up that others might be less inclined to handle, well, what's wrong with that ? I've never seen such a long pair of ears !

Poodle Soup said...

What a magnificent photo.......the colours would make it a perfect painting!

Blind Fly Theater said...

You do have bad taster there, Boutchette, but you are oh so beautiful!
Irresistible photo, that first one Jilly! You are very gifted as a photographer, and especially of capturing these dogs!
David *

Pat said...

And those ears,too!!

Bibi loves to roll in all things foul.

Kate said...

These photos made me smile! Great face! Discovered a different breed this past week-end while talking to its owners: a Bolonka. Have never seen them before and it's an interesting looking little canine!


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