14 August 2009

Cheyenne ...and Oudai ...and Oscar

You don't expect to bump into a Chesapeake Bay Retriever in Monaco. I confess I didn't know what breed she was until I asked. Isn't she gorgeous. Click on the link to read more about this lovely breed.

Her name is Cheyenne and she's two and a half. The pointer, with the beautiful eyes, is called Oudai and she is 10 years old and the wire-haired dachshund is also 10 years old and he's called Oscar.

They live on le rocher (the rock) in Monaco. That is the area where you find the Palace, the Oceanographic museum and the Cathedral and also some beautiful little back streets where people actually live, including these three lovely dogs.

It was the day of the XVIIIth Century Festival (currently on Monte Carlo Daily Photo) so the place was packed with visitors and it wasn't so easy to get them to pose with people pushing past all the time. Look how they obviously adore their owner. Lucky dogs, lucky owner.


Sara Diana said...

They are such gorgeous dogs x

TC said...

Cheyenne is a beautiful dog, and no you don't expect to see one in Monaco, the pictures have my interest with the festival, off I go to see it!
The owner and the dogs are both lucky you are right.

lady jicky said...

I love all three but .... my sneeky favourite is that Oscar the dashy!

glenda said...

Those soft, beautiful golden eyes. I would guess she is a wonderful companion.

Judy Williams said...

Saw your old fashioned girl and dog photo as your icon on Laurie's "Glimpses of South Pasadena" blog (I'm her sister) and I found my way to this page. You couldn't meet a bigger dog lover than me if you tried. I have a new pup and although he's a mix, I can't believe how much he looks like a CBR. He has the same gold eyes and noble expression.

Loving your doggy pics. Have a great weekend!

Jilly said...

Judy, so nice to meet Laurie's sister and obviously another mad dog lover. I'd never actually met a CBR until I photographed this one and yes, was so struck by those gold eyes and expression - so gentle.

I normally put a new dog on to Riviera Dogs every second day. Thanks for the visit.

Lynette said...

Lucky indeed. Such love in these photos, Jilly. Perhaps you would enjoy these K-9 demonstration photos I took recently, at Portland Oregon Daily Photo K-9 demo photos


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