04 August 2009


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You either adore pugs or you don't - and if you own one, likely as not, you are obsessed with them. There is probably more pug paraphernalia for sale than for any other breed.

Meet Choupette who is one year old and lives in Monaco. She was bred in a very good kennel but unfortunately she suffered from several serious illnesses in her young life and thanks to her caring owner and a great vet has pulled through and is now in excellent health.

This is for 'Lady Jicky' who loves pugs - so do I, even though they snore!


@eloh said...

Oh my gosh, so cute. I just saw an article this morning about a couple here in the USA that have now spent over $40,000.00 on legal fees in the past two and a half years deceiding custody of their pug and it is still going on.

WendyB said...

ADORABLE! I love pugs almost as much as Pekingese!

lady jicky said...

Thanks Jilly!! "hug a pug"!!!!

Hey @eloh , does that couple have children too? Mind you, if I knew x husband , only wanted the pug to **** me off and would not look after the dog - I can sort of see their fight. Very sad for Many reasons.
Please let us know what happens @eloh, when and if it ever finishes in the courts.

Owen said...

He is gorgeous, what an expressively handsome face ! There are a couple of pugs posted here today :


Amy J said...

She is lovely!!! I have a Siamese cat and would love to have a pug to match!

@eloh said...

lady jicky , I just read the article, MSN news page, no kids and they had never married just lived together for a few years. It's ALL about the pug and, the article said, that now that it has been living with the boyfriend for the last two years that the court has to add in "what is BEST for the dog" just like in child custody cases......this country has gone bonkers.


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