04 March 2010


Today we are in Eze village, which is on the Moyenne Corniche between Monaco and Nice.

I much prefer to photograph a dog in sunlight as it gives life to the coat and to the picture and today, it was dull, overcast. No matter - I couldn't resist this wonderful old girl. Phanny is 10 years old and was on holiday with her owners who live in Paris.

I wonder if she thinks she looks fierce - I think she looks adorable. Unusual to see boxer with cut ears these days. Let's hope one day it will become illegal all over the world.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's been a long 10 years. She's got some wisdom in that face, for sure!

Unknown said...

Phanny is wonderfull!!

lady jicky said...

What a dear old girl!

Its illegal to dock tails and ears in Australia.

Lessie said...

I love the way dogs go gray as they age. What a sweet girl!

glenda said...

What a great face. I have a white boxer named Stella without docked ears. And of course she is beautiful.

Jilly said...

Glenda, I've been looking for a white boxer for you, but no luck so far.


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