20 June 2008

Coco - Dachshunds Rule!

Photographed in Menton, Coco lives in Monte Carlo. She knows she's beautiful, doesn't she?


WendyB said...

An intense expression!

Teri said...

The riveting stare, the little tan eyebrows - this dog is compelling. Jilly, you manage photos of so many breeds; I wonder if you've any shots of Besenjis or Rottweillers? Do they not visit Pension Milou or the greater Menton area? Thanks for bringing all your dogs to us across the internet!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

My mother-in-law and I have long enjoyed your Monaco Daily Photo and Riviera Dogs websites. Thank you so much. My mother-in-law is an obsessive dog-lover, and my wife and I spent a week in Monaco on our honeymoon during the Grand Prix week in 2002 -- with my mother-in-law!

Two weeks ago I started Tamarindo Daily Photo, Costa Rica's first Daily Photo site, and I will feature dogs on the site at times, including the photo I posted today and tomorrow's photo as well. Perhaps some of your viewers might be interested in seeing dogs frolicking in the surf in a tropical Pacific resort. The link is: http://www.tamarindodailyphoto.com/

I look forward to continuing to enjoy your photo sites.

lady jicky said...

What a handsome Dashy Jilly! I know its a "she " but she is handsome - so sleek and slic!
Is it true that they do not have a "doggy" smell and that they do not shed?????

sonia a. mascaro said...

She looks very beautiful!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Lady Jicky left a comment on my Tamarindo, Costa Rica Daily Photo site in response to my comment above. She encouraged me to have my mother-in-law post comments on your site because she loves it so much. I responded to her on my site, but thought I would copy the response and post it here as well.

Lady Jicky,

I will encourage my mother-in-law to post her comments about dogs on Riviera Dogs Daily Photo, and on this site, but I predict that she will need technical assistance to post a comment.

Her "dogs around the world" photo albums began as a result of our honeymoon in France six years ago. My mother-in-law joined us for the middle 10 days or so of a three week trip (I know, this is strange.) We went to the Eiffel Tower and I was taking photos from various angles, and I looked over at her, and she was walking around the grassy park taking pictures of dogs, explaining that why would anyone look at the Eiffel Tower when there are dogs around.

THe next day we drove to Dijon, and instead of admiring the quaint buildings with artistically patterned, multi-colored tiled roofs, she was taking pictures of dogs on the other side of the street -- without a telephoto lens.

The next day, at the beautiful lakefront park in Geneva, she ignored the beauty of the lake and mountains and the charm of the town. She was too busy walking around the park following every dog with her camera. The next day, we began a week in Monaco, and the dogs there are undoubtedly the best kept dogs on the planet.

At that point I decided that as long as it was inevitable that she would take dog pictures whenever she travels, I might as well accept the challenge of trying to take good dog pictures for her. It has become such a habit that when we travel, friends traveling with us start pointing out dogs for me to photograph.

You can imagine her delight when, years later, the Riviera Dogs Daily Photo website started up.


Gerald (SK14) said...

I like the yorkie above but then scrolled down to this gorgeous dog here. At times like this I do miss not having a dog.

Lynette said...

Ah, yes, she's beautiful. The joy one gets from the unconditional love far exceeds the effort it takes to care for these wonderful creatures, doesn't it?


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