08 April 2009

Andy, Clara & Cannelle

These three lovely Cairn terriers were walking near to the Port of Monaco. In case you wonder why you are looking at the back of me, it's because I was with my friend, Nathalie, Avignon in Photos, and she took the shot. I love that the dogs' owners are looking so happy.

Andy is the grey Cairn and he is 4 years old. Clara in the middle is 18 months old and so is her half-sister Cannelle. Andy and Clara live in the Gard and Canelle lives in Grasse and all three come from the same breeder at St. Jean-du-Gard. Cairn Terriers are lovely dogs - adorable.

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

My first dog was a cairn terrier. Love them .


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