19 June 2010


Will someone please take me shopping like this? It can't be bad, can it? Carried around is a comfortable bag, put down from time to time, loved and fed and walked. This little dog - a long-haired chihuahua called Keno - has got life pretty much worked out. And so has his charming owner. They obviously adore each other.


joanna said...

What a sweetie!

Can't image carrying around my cocker spaniel though -- he would never sit still and would jump out as soon as he saw something of 'dog' interest.

Have a nice week end.


Ronda Laveen said...

Looks like both his mom and dad are quite taken with Keno. It would be nice to be so well cared for.

glenda said...

This little guy does look very content. Love the market shot!

lady jicky said...

You know Jilly - I better not visit your neck of the woods for I would have Jago in one suitcase and little Keno in the carry-on luggage! LOL



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