15 April 2010

Monaco Dog Show - the Yorkies

Almost ready to be shown - he just needs those rubber bands removed from his whiskers. Yorkshire Terriers exhibitors always seem to have lots of dogs with them - I suppose it's not so difficult as they are small. So in the small photo we see 'three little ones all in a row' and in the last photo - well this one has given up and gone to sleep!


glenda said...

What a cutie pie. You mentioned some people have more than one, my nail-tech has eight! I've not seen them in person but she has lots of pictures and says she loves them all equally.

lady jicky said...

Your photos today are fab! Especially the one with them all lined up waiting for "show time"!
I cannot imagine having more than 2 yorkies for they are sassy dogs - I am just thinking about the fighting for "top dog"! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That bow may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. And the little ball of fur in the bed. Adorable.


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